Counseling for Young Professionals

From the outside you seem to have it all together. Inside you feel down, trapped, lost, and lonely despite not being alone. After achieving some life goals you’re left wondering: now what? Maybe you successfully made it through school and into your early career, but it’s not what you were hoping for.

Maybe you’re torn between wanting a relationship and wanting to remain fiercely independent, or you want a partner but the idea of dating is petrifying. Perhaps you’re in a relationship but you still feel lonely. Something’s missing, but you’re not sure what.


I help young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s navigate these dilemmas. I help my clients get in touch with the different parts of themselves: the things they feel good about but sometimes downplay, the messy parts they’re ashamed of that they hide from others and often from themselves too, and the dormant seeds that haven’t even had a chance to come alive yet. During our sessions, you’ll dig into what makes you tick, what you value, what you hope and long for, what you’ve been afraid to reach for and what you’ve been settling for instead.

Therapy is an incredibly rewarding journey in pursuit of more, whatever that looks like for you. The more we understand what’s behind our thoughts, actions, and patterns in relating to ourselves and others, the more flexibility we have in our lives. If you need help but you don’t know what questions to ask, that’s okay! You don’t have to know exactly what’s wrong or what you want. Finding that is part of the process.

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About Me


I am a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), which means I am independently qualified to provide psychotherapy and counseling. I graduated from New York University with my Masters in Social Work, where I now teach.

I’m involved in advanced postgraduate training at the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center, where I study multiple theoretical orientations and benefit from focused supervision geared toward seeing how those theories come alive in the therapeutic relationship. I also supervise beginning psychotherapists who are working to gain clinical experience.

The way I view and practice therapy is heavily informed by contemporary attachment theory and relational psychoanalytic theory—the study of how our earliest relationships with our caregivers influence the way we interact with others and show up in our daily lives.

During sessions, I provide a nurturing, warm space where you can start unpacking, discovering, and playing with the different facets of you: your relationship to yourself, and your relationships with friends, family members, and romantic partners so that you can be freed up to live a fuller life. My passion is sharing in this journey. To get started on your path, call or click below to schedule a phone consultation.

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*During the coronavirus crisis, all sessions are conducted through secure online video.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me or call me at 347-765-1555.